Frozen Food
In the category "Frozen Food" you can buy more than 18 products, such as White Fish & Mackerel Nuggets 1kg, Pheasant & Duck Nuggets 1kg , Farm Reared Turkey Nuggets 1kg.
Active Nuggets
A delicious, high protein, grain free meal for active dogs. Made with Duck, Salmon and Free Range Ch..
Chicken with Salmon Nuggets 1kg
    A meaty superfood packed raw ready meal. Tender chicken and nutritious salmo..
Farm Reared Turkey Nuggets 1kg
A complete and balanced raw superfood meal for dogs with tender Turkey and wholesome ingredients. Gr..
Puppy Superfood Nuggets 1kg
A meaty superfood raw ready meal, perfect for pups. Made with Turkey and nutritious Fish with sweet ..
Rabbit Nuggets 1kg
Full flavoured Rabbit with juicy cranberries and root vegetables make this a tasty complete and bala..
Succulent Duck Nuggets 1kg
A complete and balanced raw superfood meal for dogs.Packed with 80% succulent duck ..
Puppy Nuggets 1kg
A super healthy, protein rich complete and balanced meal for puppies. Packed with tasty Chicken, Sal..
Senior Chicken and Fish Nuggets 1kg
Our meaty nuggets for Senior Dogs are made with Free Range Chicken and tasty White Fish. Complete an..
Beef Nuggets 1kg
Made with ethically sourced Beef, our meaty raw nuggets are a super healthy, low fat complete and nu..
Chicken & Tripe Nuggets 1kg
Meaty raw nuggets made with tasty Tripe and Free Range Chicken. A delicious complete and nutritional..
Chicken Nuggets 1kg
Wholesome and meaty raw nuggets made with Free Range Chicken. A healthy complete and nutritionally b..
Raw Duck Necks
A simply delicious 100% natural raw treat that can be fed as a snack to promote fresh breath an..
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