We want your pets to have the best and at Pads & Paws the right nutrition for your pets is taken very seriously. We believe in gathering product information from our Pet Food suppliers such as stating the ingredients of the products and the from where it has been sourced. For your dog to stay healthy in our opinion, good feeding plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy digestive system. A wholesome diet ensures that your dog is less likely to visit the Vet frequently. Good feeding endures that your dog develops a strong mental behaviour and is physically in great shape as well. A poor diet reflects on the health of dogs and it shoe in their behaviour and condition. As a dog owner, if your pet is constantly itchy, keeps chewing their feet, has bad odour are signs of a need for a change in diet. To further understand the benefits in providing your dog and healthy and balanced diet, we have articles relating to  Symply dog food and Eden Holistic Pet Food which may help answer questions you have relating to do dog food.

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