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Adult 8+ Scottish Salmon & Trout Gluten Free Dry Food for Dogs
44% Freshly Prepared: Salmon and Trout 26%, Turkey 18%.Millet, Potato, Lentils, Peas, Egg Powder, Nu..
Adult Free Run Chicken & Duck Grain Free Dry Food
42% Freshly Prepared: Chicken 31%, Duck 8%, Chicken Liver 3%.Sweet Potatoes (30%), Peas (6.5%), Lent..
Adult Grass Fed Lamb Grain Free
This lovely grain free lamb recipe is utterly delicious and healthy too. Made using only freshly pre..
Adult Highland Venison & Duck Grain Free
This grain free recipe uses only freshly prepared venison, duck and salmon together with carefully c..
Organic Adult Chicken & Vegetable Bake
This delicious organic chicken and vegetable dry food recipe is naturally low in fat and hypoallerge..
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