Cat Food Dry

With quite literally hundreds of different brands of cat food to choose from, choosing the one right for your cat can become a little confusing. Cat's require a well balanced high protein meal, rich in minerals which will benefit their overall health and vitality. Diet plays a key role in your pets brain power, moods, reflexes, cognitive skills and joints. Just like humans, your cat will perform better on a healthy and well balanced diet. We stock a healthy and nutritious range of Cat food here at Pads & Paws. Cats can be very fussy at times so it is great to get them onto tasty and nutritious food that they love. Good protein is essential for cats and some inferior products do not have enough protein in them to sustain your cat. The outcome to this is your cat walks around getting Cranky and meowing and demanding more food. The owner keeps giving more food and the Cat expands. This then = A very large Cranky Cat! For further information on why choosing a high protein content, healthy and balanced meal for your cat is important, read this article on cat food.